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Intermountain Technical Solutions, Inc.

A full service health and safety and environment training company.

Webinars are available upon request. Contact us to set up an online class.

Joe Trujillo (435) 830-2417
Office (435) 882-8622

Who We Are

Intermountain Technical Solutions has been owned and operated by Joe and Matt Trujillo since 1993. We have developed all of our own original training manuals and references and had them professionally duplicated and bound. We have certified over 183,000 students in Environmental Safety and Compliance, certified over 20,000 Army Reserve and/or DOD Personnel, and certified over 5,000 US Fish and Wildlife Employees. 

We have also received over 20 different Commanders Coins for helping Army Reserve Units meet their goals and missions with superior performance.


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We offer 25 different customizable courses to meet the needs of our customers.

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View our instructors' credentials and short bios


Book a course, inquire about our prices or purchase manuals and guidebooks.


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